Traning and Placement


We support, maintain, operate and grant aid to school, colleges, technical and other institutions like training centres, coaching classes for general, technical, professional and competitive courses, libraries and imparting general, scientific, commercial, engineering, technical, universities or any other type of education and conduct and carry on the research works to grant aid to persons who are occupied in promotion of science or literature of fine arts. For this purpose, we have associated with many universities in India and abroad.

Heritage Foundation realign their focus in accordance with the changing needs of the society, while operating within the border line of the set objectives. Their sensitivity to deep understanding of Indian society especially the underprivileged sectors, is what ensures a steady, commendable track record.

Our TRAINING & PLACEMENT DIVISION (UKHIMT) has taken the newest curriculum activities by which the shortage of trained people problem of our country can be minimized.


After completing a survey among the students who are seeking jobs in private & govt. sectors, we have found some core problems which are destructing the mental strength & confidence of our future generations.

The problems start immediately after passing out from any reputed educational institute.

There are two types of job seekers, one who are seeking jobs in private sectors & the others who are seeking the govt. jobs. There are many institutions who are giving educational support & study materials for the govt. job seekers. So that is very easily accessible though in some cases it’s rather costly & time consuming.

But those who are seeking the jobs in private sectors, due to lack of patience (mandatory for govt. jobs) or financial stability, those who are seeking immediate jobs, are uploading their CVs in various job portals & going for several interviews. The problems start after the failure of three to four selection processes of interviews.

Frustration & losing faith on himself, acute depression, feeling the degrees worthless etc. & the life of a bright career seems to be doomed. At the end of the day, the helpless parents & a distracted, devastated blooming future. At this point our work starts.

We are here to seek exact problems faced by the job seekers in the selection process of any interview & giving them the right & fruitful solutions which they really need.


After doing a long term research we have found the common problems of the private job seekers.

These are the most common & main problems of the private job seekers.

After enlisting the core problems, our research team has worked on it. Then we have produced some steps which lead to the solution.

Counselling: In our organization every job seeker has to go through the Counselling process. Our eminent counsellors work on the particular problems of them & make a strategy to solve it.

Demonstration: Our counsellors elaborate their problems to them (sometimes to their guardians) & show the possible ways to solve the problems. Sometimes it can be solved only by counselling & sometimes by technical support.

Few steps towards solution:

Resume making: As the first step we make a corporate resume for the job seekers where all the academic, personal details & working experiences will be decoratively furnished.

Skill Development Programs: Then as the second step we provide skill development training which is divided into two parts,

    1. Communicative English
    2. Computer Training
    3. Communicative Skills
    1. Organizational Behaviours
    2. Personality Development

These training programs are provided as a crash course form on an urgent basis, basically for those who are seeking jobs immediately. Duration is min 3 days to max 7 days. (Details are given later)

Apart from those we have many long term courses about which we will publish later.

Campusing Facility:

After the completion of the courses, the candidates will receive interview call letters from their regarding fields. We will provide 5 consecutive interview call letters. If the candidate fails to nail job within these, we will arrange a 2nd round counselling for him/her.