Project and Implementation

Project Implementation

Implementation simply means carrying out the activities described in the work plan. Executing a project in rural sector is a very complex mission, as it requires the coordination of a wide range of activities, the overseeing of a team, the management of budget, the communication to the public, among other issues. Independent of whether it is a social project to raise the awareness and promote benefits or it is a service project for delivery, there is a certain process that has to be followed. The following lines will give you an introduction into the implementation of projects in sustainable developments, and highlights key aspects that have to be taken into account for a successful implementation.

Rural Development:

Most of India’s areas are rural sectors. So for the development the rural sectors are needed to be developed with same intensity as well urban sectors and it requires quite a wholesome effort for developing the rural areas especially remote areas. Thanks to Central and State Govt. for introducing several projects to improve the situation. With the capability and knowledge in the sector and in able guidance of Dr. M.K. Pradhan, Heritage Foundation have joined the movement for the sake of development and nurturing the resources in optimum level.

(A) Support to farmers

Number of awareness programmes, scientific workshops, On field trainings and market research have been conducted for the farmers of the remote districts of West Bengal, Tripura, Orissa and other areas for the benefits of farmers.

(B) Grants for poor students

Numerous scholarships, fellowships and any other kind of financial support are provided to the needy and the deserving students for getting education, vocational training, skill development training etc.

The organization also focuses on providing financial support to any educational institution for granting scholarship, prizes and medals, distribution of books and note books for talented, needy and deserving students.

(C) Empowerment of SC/ST/OBC and Minority

The backward communities and communities in remote areas are needed special care because not only scholarships, funds can improve their socio-economic status. Heritage Foundation team has created the awareness for education and supported the Govt. initiatives to overcome the general obstructions in order to imparting quality education in the core of our country.

(D) Support to slum area

It has identified the need of improvement in the slum areas as well. They are counted as the backward class in urban sector. So for basic development they must also be taken care of. Several numbers of awareness and engagement programmes have been conducted for the benefit of the slum inhabitants of different urban sectors.

Heritage Foundation has been enlisted as “Project Implementation Agency” (PIA) by Niti Aayog, Govt. of India, Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) for implementing different development programmers in rural India. Also we have been empaneled under “Deen Dayal Upadhaya Grameen Kaushal Yojna” (DDU-GKY), Govt. of India for conducting different projects as well. We are thankful to our central as well State Govt. for giving us the opportunity.